Requirements to Become a Professional Nurse and the Best Career Opportunities

Requirements to Become a Professional Nurse and the Best Career Opportunities

Having a job in the health sector, especially becoming a nurse, is a dream for some people. Unfortunately, becoming a professional nurse is not as easy as you imagine.

At least it must meet the criteria for professional education and all kinds of quite lengthy requirements. Even though they are not as popular as doctors, nurses also have a big responsibility in completing work and helping patients.

For starters, the most important requirement to become a professional nurse is to complete nursing education. Nurses must have skills that have been mastered when they graduate from nursing school.

Next, you must undergo a professional education program which will later have the title of nurse as an addition to your name. Talking about opportunities, now they are getting bigger because professional nurses are an important and needed aspect, especially during a pandemic like now according to

1. Graduated from Nursing School

The first requirement to become a professional nurse is to complete nursing education first, either a D3 Nursing or Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing.

Many Health Sciences Colleges have opened Nursing majors from D3 to S1. D3 Nursing graduates are called skilled nurses and nurses who have completed a Bachelor’s Degree in Nursing + 1 year of professional education are called professional nurses.

2. Have an ideal height

If you want to become a nurse, you must have an ideal height with a minimum height of 150 for women and 155 for men.

This will be useful for several nursing actions such as changing a patient’s IV and other emergencies. Some nursing schools also require sufficient height.

3. Not Color Blind

A nurse must not have color blindness, this is an absolute requirement.

Color blindness will make things difficult for you because you will have difficulty distinguishing the color of the medicine, the type of infusion fluid, and even identifying the fluid that comes out of the patient’s body.

4. Must have STR (Registration Certificate)

Including when you want to become a midwife, having an STR has become a mandatory requirement that must be met in order to become a professional nurse. When you have completed your education, you must take a competency exam conducted simultaneously by MTKI.

After the exam, you don’t immediately get an STR, you have to wait months to get an STR.

5. Has no history of infectious diseases

To become a nurse, you not only have to graduate from nursing school, but you also have to have a physically healthy body and not be identified as having an infectious disease.

Before officially becoming a nurse, you will usually undergo a health examination and laboratory examination.

6. Pass the Nursing Exam

Usually hospitals carry out written exams when they want to accept prospective nurses. To become a nurse you have to pass an exam first. Usually what is tested is basic skills in nursing and psychological tests.

7. Can control emotions

A nurse needs intelligence to control her emotions, nurses with high emotional levels can make patients unhappy. This job is a job that has a high level of stress, so nurses must be able to control their emotions.

Emotional traits are not only shown in the attitudes and behavior of nurses, it could also be due to pressure from the hospital. Nurses must be able to control these emotions and not take them home.

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