Popular Mexican Food

Popular Mexican Food

Who doesn’t know Mexico? Shopee friends who were born in the 90s must be very familiar with several telenovela series. For example, Carita de Angel, Marimar, and Betti La Fea. These TV series titles not only feature exciting stories, but also feature typical Mexican food. read more

Talking about food from North America, of course you can’t forget Mexico. The reason is, apart from having a unique culture, this country has a ton of delicious food, you know! You can find various food flavors, ranging from spicy, sweet and even salty food.

1. Tacos

The first typical Mexican food is tacos. Tacos are food consisting of tortilla bread with meat filling. Of course, you can use various types of meat as filling, for example beef, chicken and even pork. Not only meat, this typical food also contains vegetables, such as lettuce and tomatoes.
To make it more delicious, you can eat tacos by adding cheese and guacamole sauce or salsa sauce.

2. Burritos

Burrito is a typical Mexican food that you must try. If you are in the country, of course you will feel the unforgettable pleasure of this food. At first glance, burritos look similar to Turkish kebabs.

The difference between these two foods lies in their contents. Burritos mostly contain meat and bean paste rolled together with tortilla bread.


Just like tacos, the basic ingredient for nachos also comes from tortilla chips. As a complement to eating nachos, you can add cheese sauce. Apart from that, Shopee friends can also try creating this typical Mexican food with various meats, nuts, pickles, jalapenos and sliced olives. Meanwhile, the cheese sauce is made by sprinkling cheese slices on tortilla chips. After that, the nachos are heated for a few minutes until the cheese melts. Nachos are usually eaten as an appetizer or when relaxing.

4. Tamales

Another typical Mexican food is tamales. This dish is actually a traditional Central American food made from cornmeal dough and wrapped in leaves. Then, the mixture is steamed or boiled. Tamales are usually eaten with various fillings or mixtures according to taste, ranging from meat, fruit, chili, cheese, and also vegetables. In Mexico, this food is often present on big holidays, such as Christmas and Mexican Independence Day.

5. Enchiladas

Just like burritos, enchiladas are made from a tortilla that is rolled to cover the filling. The only difference lies in the way it is served, namely this food is doused with sauce. Enchiladas use a lot of chili sauce. However, of course Shopee friends can create this typical Mexican food with various other sauces, such as cheese, tomatoes, beans or salsa sauce. The reason is, this typical food will taste more tempting if eaten with sauce.

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