How to Restore Fire on Food

How to Restore Fire on Food

250 grams of potatoes
If you don’t have white pepper, don’t worry, but if you do, use it here. It is a sweet, strong and floral fragrance. It adds spice without crushing.

2 bengkoang (shaved)
2 1/2 tsp instant yeast

Just like Indonesia, India also has a fried snack called pakora. Pakora is made from onions, eggplant, chilies, and cauliflower which are mixed in a flour batter and then fried until crisp and cooked. Pakora is often eaten as an afternoon snack.

Wait for it to brown, then flip.
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What about smoke?

Toast your rice and spices. Fry your rice until it becomes aromatic and translucent. Fry your dry spices now too, which is blooms them and enhances their flavors.

Here are some ideas:

Don’t like spicy things? You can try this sweet snack. Jalebi is made from wheat flour dough that is fried in circular shapes like mosquito coils and then doused with sugar syrup. If you don’t like sugar syrup, you can eat it dipped in warm milk. Jalebi is usually served on special occasions such as birthdays, weddings, and festivals.

Meat products

It is up to you. There are so many nutrients in the potato skins that it’s another step, but I like to peel them so that all the potatoes have the same texture. If you are a fan of potato skin, wash it well and leave it somewhere. What size pan

Add white butter, knead until smooth and elastic. Let stand until fluffy. set aside.
4. Meatballs
How much food/meat is needed?
– smell of garlic

Make the filling: boil water and sugar over medium heat until it boils. Turn off the heat and let it cool. set aside.
How to store leftover beef
3. Corn Masala

1/2 tsp garlic powder/garlic powder
Granulated sugar to taste

Mexican oregano. Mexican oregano is different than Mediterranean oregano; it’s actually a different plant. Mexican oregano is indigenous to Mexico and has a more woodsy, citrus-lime earthy flavor compared to Mediterranean oregano. You can find it in the Mexican aisle at the grocery store.
Sate Garo – unlike any other sate that usually comes in skewer, sate garo is server without being skewered with massive amount of sauce. Sweet and savory, slightly spicy, but the meat was not really tender which is closely like beef rendang.

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