Five Benefits of Having a Dog for Children

Five Benefits of Having a Dog for Children

There are many things that can support your little one’s growth and development. One of them is by keeping an animal. The American Kennel Club (AKC) explained several studies showing that keeping a pet such as a dog can increase a child’s self-confidence.

Not only does it reduce stress, toddlers who go through the process of raising a pet will feel more compassion and empathy according to

1. Reduce stress and anxiety

Several studies show that dogs are incredible stress relievers. According to the American Humane Association, there are 20 thousand service dogs in the US, including 10 thousand guide dogs. Dogs are naturally calming, attentive to your emotional needs, and competent at teaching empathy to children.

2. Increase activities and bonds between families

Dogs help keep children active and attentive as they need regular walks and exercise. Ultimately, dogs also encourage your family to spend more time together in a healthy way.

3. Teaching toddlers to make friends

Dogs are known as animals with a sharp and active sense of hearing that can help children learn to make friends.

4. Relieve social anxiety

According to The Dodo, dogs are like superheroes for those who suffer from anxiety especially in social situations. A dog can provide a nuisance in a public space. Not only do other people see the dog, attracting your or your child’s attention, but it also helps you to refocus.

5. Your child will not get allergies easily

Recent studies show that children who grow up around dogs tend to be more resistant to allergies. Introducing your children to germs strengthens their immune system, and therefore reduces the risk of respiratory illnesses and allergies.

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