After criticism of Junglee Rummy from the public, Junglee Games launches a new rummy platform.

In a recent news release, Junglee Games stated that since the launch of its online rummy platform earlier this year, the site has grown teen patti gold apk by more than 30 times in just eight months. The news statement added that the business has already held a number of tournaments and started a number of advertising efforts.

In addition, Junglee Games has other online gaming platforms, such as Junglee Rummy. They call their new platform “the premier choice” for online rummy players who play for fun or for competition.

“Our goal goes beyond developing a simple gaming platform; we also want to establish a player base that appreciates the talent and strategy that are fundamental teen patti app to the age-old game of rummy. Experienced rummy players can test their mettle at elegant tables with enormous rewards on, where they can also compete fairly and fiercely, according to Bharat Bhatia, Chief Marketing Officer of Junglee Games.

The issues with Jungle Rummy
The corporation has experienced intense criticism in the past few months, particularly in Maharashtra, following the revelation of numerous cases of customers losing money playing online rummy. To pay off their obligations, many of the impacted individuals turned to theft, and a small number of others went to extreme lengths.

One of Junglee Rummy’s brand ambassadors, Bollywood actor Ajay Devgn, has come under fire for endorsing the online gaming platform. People have protested and urged him not to do so.

Many people are reportedly becoming addicted to playing online games, which is why the government has implemented the appropriate laws as part of the guidelines for online gaming.

The business, which is a component of the online gaming sector, must also deal with the recently implemented 28% GST rate. This has led to a great deal of unrest in the online gaming industry, with several companies laying off employees and even closing their doors.

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