4 of the World’s Best Spas, One of which is in Indonesia!

4 of the World’s Best Spas, One of which is in Indonesia!

The relaxing effect is what is most sought after when someone does a spa. For spa enthusiasts, they will be willing to fly to various countries to experience the best spa facilities. The spa tourism industry is currently on the rise. we have just updated the list of resorts in the world with the best spa facilities. One of them turns out to be a spa service in Bali. Curious about the list? Come on, take a look.

Thermal Spa, Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, Switzerland

Grand Resort Bad Ragaz, located at the foot of Mount Pizol, a few hundred meters from Lake Constance. The view is of the pampering Alps. The spa service at this hotel is very famous, namely the Thermal Spa and is the leading medical spa in Switzerland. boisemicrobladingandlashes.com

The treatment is very complete. Starting from detox, relieving stress to muscle problems. There are not only professional therapists who provide treatment, but also general practitioners and specialists. There are 12 spa suites, which are private sauna services. The spa also features an enclosed steam room with the world’s first Swarovski glass.

COMO Shambhala Estate

COMO Shambhala Estate, located in Begawan Village on the outskirts of Ubud, Bali. The location is in a calm river valley so that spa visitors can get a sensation of healing therapy and comfortable treatments.

Before starting treatment, visitors consult with a doctor to determine what treatment and healing therapy is needed. Treatment and healing is carried out using traditional Balinese methods, hydrotherapy and various massage therapies.

There are also multi-day wellness programs. This program is often participated in by celebrities and athletes. After the treatment, guests are served more than 20 types of juice containing antioxidants, to aid detoxification.

The Spa, Canyon Ranch, Arizona, United States

Canyon Ranch is the largest spa in the United States, built on 80,000 square feet of land. Located on a 150 hectare ranch in the foothills of Santa Catalina which has beautiful views.

The first time you arrive, visitors will immediately consult a media expert. This is to find out what fitness program is appropriate. There are four swimming pools provided for the spa, including one with a treadmill directly under the water. This spa is also famous for offering a sleep laboratory, where visitors’ sleep patterns will be tracked and analyzed with sensors, so visitors can find out whether their sleep patterns are good or not.

Thalasso del Forte at Forte Village Resort, Italy

Thalasso del Forte is known for its thalassotherapy center and Ayurvedic garden that focuses on Indian healing methods. In fact, this resort has received an award for being the most complete health temple. It offers 20 treatment rooms and 40 therapists, centered on five salt swimming pools with a temperature of 20-38 degrees Celsius.

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