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The civil unrest in Myanmar has displaced hundreds of thousands of people depriving them of food, shelter, education, healthcare or the ability to work and provide for their families. The Bread church network continues, in the midst of the unrest, to engage the lost during this time of struggle, so that through the loss of hope in this life, they may find hope in Jesus.

While seeing to the needs of those affected by the unrest and ministering to church leaders, our lead indigenous team in Myanmar proposed the idea of putting the stories of Jesus into a Burmese-contextualized comic book that would provide entertainment and encouragement while sharing the stories of the messiah. These comic books come complete with DBS style questions so that any group in the jungle can read the stories of the Savior and engage with each other in discovering Jesus together.

Take time to review our comic volumes below and consider joining the cause. We need ongoing support to help pay the development team in creating the content as well as printing and distribution assistance to get the volumes to production. Your help will make it happen!


Vol 1

vol 2

Vol 3

vol 4

vol 5

vol 6

vol 7

vol 8

vol 9


Thank you for your consideration in supporting this project.  We anticipate the project taking 2 years of ongoing development initially to create the content.  At that point, we plan to translate the comics into different languages with people-group-centric narrators so specific people groups can enjoy this in their language and culture.  For now we are focusing on the Burmese language and culture, the primary language in Myanmar.

This project has 2 components.

  1. Ongoing comic development:  this is the cost to pay content creators, artists, and publishers to create the comics.  It is important to know that these are indigenous folks from within Myanmar so your support not only helps with content creation but also in supporting the Myanmar church through these difficult times.
  2. Printing and Distribution: your one-time donations will be used to help pay for the printing, shipping, and other costs related to distribution.

Both parts of this project are equally important.  Please consider supporting this project on a monthly basis for the next 2 years to help us reach our goal.

If you would like to mail and check and save on credit card processing fees you may send your partnership donation to:

The Bread Global
C/O: Bible Comic
1145 Ringwald Road
Murfreesboro, TN 37130